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At Silverado Plumbing services, you can rely on professional people to handle your plumbing system if it has faulted. We are equipped with the best equipment to ensure nothing is left to chance. Our job performance ensures that we only do it once, and do it right. Our emergency services are operational 24/7 to make sure you don’t put up with a disturbing odor if your sewer leaks.

We also come with a wide range of services for our clients. This is to ensure whenever you give us a call, we have an answer for your problem. The time of the day doesn’t matter, just give us a call and there will be someone to respond to you. Some of the services you enjoy from us include;

Backflow testing

This is one of the common issues that home owners deal with. It is one of the things which can potentially interfere with the clean water in your homestead. Our backflow test is a simple process which will only take a short period of time. In this case, our technician will connect a test kit to the device and will then verify its proper functioning. Our expertise and experience in this area allows us to offer the best services.

General plumbing services

Just call us if you want anything fixed in your home! If there are leaks, kitchen sinks not draining water properly or pipes have burst. Whatever dilemma you are in, just talk to us and we will ensure that this won’t reoccur again in the near future.

Hydrojet cleaning

This is one of our methods of cleaning and removal of debris from lines and tanks. In this technique, high pressure streams of water are used and they will clean up these lines. We use state of the art equipment to offer you this among other services in plumbing repair. Should you seek any consultation, we are there to help you out in any problem you are against.


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